Online Guide to Accredited Counseling Degrees

Sometimes people need help, they just don’t realize it usually until it’s almost too late. As much as a lot of like to stay strong and “man up” as some would call it, it’s just not the type of thing that we would actively seek out on our own. But for those who are looking, what exactly would you find when searching for a counselor?

Counseling is essentially the act of reassurance or the act of prevention. Sometimes all it takes is a few words to calm someone down and reassure them everything is going to be all right. They will often times suggest methods to help maintain any problems you may have as an individual and they will offer you even medication solutions to help combat your mental ills. Counseling isn’t relegated to the sick of mind; it can also be used for varying other services that involve a slightly different approach in its overall design and scheme of things.

There are marriage counselors; often times not every marriage is a happy one and for this reason alone, couples will seek counseling to help improve or better their relationship. The counselor will offer suggestions on how to implement improvements and will tell you what strides you need to take as a couple to better your relationship. It doesn’t end there though; you also have counselors who will aid the substance abuser, if you are out of rehab for drugs and alcohol it is within your boundaries to seek out a counselor to help you stay clean and sober for the rest of your life, these counselors will remind you of how bad those days were and will give you the confidence you need to never even fathom the thought of relapsing. There are many forms of counseling out there but all have the same goal and the same stride to help those in need.

Degrees in Counseling

There are quite a few degrees out there that offer counseling as a major in college and each one will match a specific type of counseling statistic, be they children, adults, substance abusers, or anything in between.

Master of Social Work: This degree specializes in the counseling social behaviors in people, be they kids, teens, adults or the elderly. With this degree you will be trained in finding out the problems of those in our societies and how they can best move on from any and all ailments that may be plaguing them from a mentally social standpoint. Sometimes you will work with groups, other times it will be one on one, and sometimes you’ll even do some marriage counseling to help repair relationships. With this degree the sky is the limit in term of what you can do and what you are able to accomplish in the long spectrum of things.

Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling: Perhaps the hardships of handling an abundance of patients is a little too much, with a bachelor in the field you can relegate your field of work to just one type of counseling trick. In other words you will only be relegated to one type of problem consistent with people and will council based on whatever field interests you the most. The choice is yours to make when deciding who you think needs the most care.

Financial Aid

The funny bit of irony about this whole thing is that counselors will often times run the financial aid departments of universities and colleges; this by no means opts you out of any financial aid programs but will actually open even more doors for you from a loaning standpoint. Discuss with your financial aid advisors and offices exactly what you intend to major in and they will look diligently for what you are asking of them. But if it is not available there it is always suitable to look some place else.

Colleges that offer a Veterinary Major

  • University of Phoenix

    • 315 East Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108-3350
    • (734) 994-0816
  • University of the Rockies

    • 555 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3612
    • (719) 314-4450
  • University of the Southwest

    • Hobbs, New Mexico
    • (575) 392-6561

Salaries as a Veterinarian

This all depends on the position you for as a counselor. Are you specifically into the preservation of children? If you do you will most likely work at as a school counselor and receive up to 38,000 dollars to 65,000 dollars a year. If you’re in the median counseling industry you will probably be paid a lot less in the range of 35,000-40,000 dollars a year. The number will rise depending on your degree and of whom you choose to counsel but overall some numbers will remain the same.

Careers as a Counselor

  • Group Counselor- You are in control of a group of people, possibly mentally unstable people, perhaps they are substance abusers, or alcoholics seeking retribution, whatever the case may be it if your job to see to it they get the best care in the world. You will work out their problems and discuss with them all directly what they need to do to accomplish living a normal life. You need to make them see their errors so they will know what they do can be viewed as unacceptable by some, you will guide them through this process as one.
  • School Counselor- As a school counselor you will aid children who are in need of assistant, maybe it’s just school wok they need help with or maybe it’s something more. Emotions run high in school children and often times their family life can be hard, you will guide them through potential divorces their parents are having as well other forms of emotional strife and significance.
  • Psychologist– You will work with a wide variety of people with various different problems; this can include family issues, emotional, education, and substance abuse. You can work for state or federal governments at times. This is the position that tells all and not just one specific group.

Counseling is a very dedicated and life changing career opportunity, it lets you see people for who they really are and offers them a chance to change their ways. It can be a very prosperous feeling to save someone from a life of constant downfalls and the rewards for doing such miraculous things are nearly limitless. Counseling can be a difficult affair at time but what you get out of it is so much more.